Pur Gum “Zero-G”

This Pur Gum concept was a project to create a new anti-nausea ginger chewing gum. My target demographic was young, casual flyers, anyone 20-35 who travels occasionally for business or vacations, might have a young family, and may experience nausea while flying. I also wanted the consumer to consider buying the gum – even if they have no issues flying. So promoting the flavor and having an eye-catching design were high priorities.

I thought a space themed gum would be fun to work with. After some sketching, peer feedback, and several iterations, Zero-G took shape. The wrappers are supposed to represent different planetary bodies, from Mercury to Neptune and would show through the package through a window in the “O” of Zero-G.

I used Adobe Illustrator to create the files and created a dieline to cut out the packaging with a laser cutter. The target-like shapes in the upper left corner of this image were used to make adjustments to the laser. Since the packaging was small and the hole cutout for the planets to show through the “O” needed to be precise, I had to make tiny adjustments to make sure the laser cut precisely in the right place. The wrappers were much easier to cut, though it took some trial and error to get the precise measurement of the gum height/length so the sticks would fit snugly in the package.

The final steps of scoring and folding everything was the easiest part, though time consuming. Despite my best efforts, the printer ink created creases when I scored the boxes. This was easily edited out in Photoshop after I did the photography.

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