SailAir was created through a student project for a motion design class. We had a short time to prepare the video before presenting it to the class. Everyone in the class was teamed up (randomly), given a random company name, and a random object. Nick, Doh and I were teamed up and given the random company name:


Then we went to a table filled with random objects ranging from toys to exercise equipment to car parts and we were given this cheap plastic toy gun:

Creating a story board and a shot list were important steps in the project. They help immensely with communication and critiquing with your teammates.

Together we brainstormed and eventually decided to use an idea I came up with. SailAir could be a space company and with a little work, we could turn the gun into a launch vehicle. A spinning, flying wheel – a low-budget vessel for launching people from the planet into space. After all, not everyone can afford a spaceship. We submitted our idea to our teacher for approval with a request: could we paint our object to make it look more like a ship? Our teacher agreed and we moved on from the concept page to creating icons for the company and creating a story board for our video.

sailair logos

Logo designs created for the fictional SailAir space company

Nick finalized the script while I painted the gun to look like something NASA might use and created the animated text to be used in the video. Together we found music that fit our theme and changed our storyboard and shot list to make sure everything synced up well with the music.

Doh used his personal drone to capture some amazing video while he was in Washington and visiting San Francisco. Thanks to him, we had some great footage of the horizon to put our “ship” into with After Effects. Finally, the project was complete.

We ended up getting a “best in class” award for this video. We were all proud of what we accomplished and we had a great time collaborating.  Nick, Doh, and I each have different talents that came together in a great way. If you want to see more of their work, you can visit their websites below:

Doh Tran

Nick King

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